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The BEST of DA's pose stock
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Daily Deviations I've given

Daily Deviations I have featured. Please give these pieces some love and I hope they will inspire you :D

DD Guidelines


I'm the Stock & Resources CV!

  • I only take Stock & Resources suggestions, I cannot feature anything else (like scraps).
  • Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?
  • Send your suggestions to only ONE Community Volunteer!

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code (or URL) along with the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation.

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:.

Stock Terms of Use

Stock Images
By dowloading my stock images you agree to these terms:
  1. You are required credit me with either a link back to my profile or image used.
  2. You cannot redistribute my stock images as art or stock images.
  3. You cannot create pre-cut stock with my stock images
  4. You cannot use my stock for works with:
    • sexual content (includes fetishes)
    • hateful content
    • celebrity images/renders/screen caps/non-stock material unless permission is granted by copyright holder
    • model's face or body replaced with another model's face or body
  5. You can create pre-made backgrounds with my stock images
  6. You can use my stock for commercial art projects with purchase of commercial use license (1-5 USD per image)
    • Art prints do not require commercial licenses.
    • Purchase only Pre-Made Backgrounds require commercial licenses.
  7. You can post your art on social media/artist websites provided you credit me and adhere to my terms of use
    • You are required get permission for other offsite usages.
by downloading my base line-arts, you agree to these terms of use
You CAN:
  • Use for adoptables, character sheets, art
  • Use the base for premium content works
  • post your art using the base on social media/art websites outside of deviantart
  • Redistribute the base on DeviantART or any other website
  • Use the base to create pornographic or hateful/discriminatory content
  • claim the base line art as your own art
You are REQUIRED to credit me

See my Frequently Asked Questions for more information on commercial use, offsite use, and other information.

If my terms of use are not followed, I will ask for the piece to be credited, be removed, or send a DCMA notice.


Erin B.
Artist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm Erin, an artist, entomologist in training, & broke college student.

My stock images are for art and educational use. When using them you must read and abide by my terms of use: Stock Image Terms of Use

I'm a stock cv along with CelticStrm-Stock. I take daily deviation suggestions for the stock and resources gallery!

Important Stock FAQ's:
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?

I do not take stock or art requests.

You can also find me at:
Tumblr: erinsdoodling
Behance: E Barbeau
Facebook: E. Barbeau Photography
Instragram: artistic_doodle_bug



Valentines is coming up very soon! Are you planning on participating in the Valentines Day Art Exchange? There's still time to submit art! I'm going to try to make a valentine this year for the first time :D

Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2016!

Valentine’s Day 2016 Art Exchange

Love is in the air! Now’s the time for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending valentine-deviations to your special someones!
Send a Valentine

Take part and spread the love!
From now until February 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones. If you’d still like to create and submit a new valentine to be sent, make sure to submit it to the Valentines category before February 16th so your fellow deviants can share it!
Send a Va

Have you hear about the changes over at projecteducate? Now people can sign up to lead weeks! If you enjoyed the PE stock week, this might be a fun opportunity for you:

2016: Big changes at Project EducateProject Educate
Dear members,
Project Educate is an ongoing endeavor for the Community Relations team -- one we have a lot of passion for and one that we want to lead as successfully as possible. These past few months we have been analysing feedback from the community and from our own team with regards to what we've been doing well here at projecteducate and what we should consider improving upon. We'd like to roll out a series of changes in 2016 in an effort to better cater to the community and offer you all new, long overdue opportunities.
We want projecteducate to be a place where everybody feels welcome; where everybody has a chance to teach, to learn and to lead. Below you will find some of the core changes we will be implementing within the next few weeks:
Community Led Weeks:
The majority, if not all weeks at projecteducate have been led by Community Volunteers. We'd like to change that. projecteducate is a project that was made for the community; so

LiliWrites's Daily Deviation Drive is active right now over at DDSuggestionDrive during the entire month of February! There are awesome prizes for participating and plus you help us CV's feature artists from across the community! 

Drive Active: February 1 - 29Our first drive is officially active!
We're currently hosting a drive from February 1 to February 29. Prizes will be distributed in March. Anyone who has a DA account is able to participate and eligible to win a prize, this includes Community Volunteers and Staff! We all love great artwork, and we can all suggest great artwork to be featured. This project is all about spreading the warm-tingly feeling when we see great stuff shoved at a spotlight.
:new: The prize list continues to grow thanks to the kind donations of the community! Be sure to check out the updated list below. We've still got just about 3 weeks to go until the drive closes, and we're smashing previous records like nobody's business! :eager:
What is a drive?
A drive is a period of time, usually one calendar month, in which DDSuggestionDrive is actively encouraging everyone on DeviantArt to suggest pieces of art and writing to the Community Volu

CelticStrm-Stock wrote about a new trend in the stock and resources gallery--offsite linked resources. Please take the time to read this! We cannot feature resources that are not accessible on deviantART. Tutorial previews for patreon etc are best to be posted in scraps or in your journal. 
Off-Site Linked Resources and Daily DeviationsI wanted to take a personal moment and address a trend that I've been seeing in the Stock & Resources gallery. Over the last few years I've noticed a trend of hosting resources off-site on a different website, but uploading a preview to advertise it on DeviantArt in the S&R gallery. 
I've received several Daily Deviation Suggestions recently for these advertisements, which I have declined to feature. I do consider them advertisements, not DeviantArt resources. I will not feature them with a Daily Deviation. 
I understand that the authors may have worked very hard on these resources or tutorials, and they may be of excellent quality. That's great. Go you. Wish you the best of luck. I still won't give it a DD, though. I will only consider resources that are available on DeviantArt through downloads or premium content. If it requires me to click a link to a different website like patreon, for example, you are out of luck. Out there be monsters, as the old war

And as usual, you should take a look at ErikShoemaker's photo-manipulation newsletter! There's good info about contests, groups, and more:
Photomanip Newsletter February 2016Hi folks! :wave:
It's time again for our monthly photomanip newsletter. Find out what has been going on in the past month and what not to miss in the coming one. :work:
The latest
DD Suggestion Drive
I know many of you have already sent me tons of cool DD suggestions. DDSuggestionDrive is a group encouraging deviants to write more DD suggestions. They currently have a contest running from 1st to 29th of February, during which your task is to write as many DD suggestions as possible. The more, the higher your chance of winning! They are giving away tons of prizes, so it's worth it!
Find more info on how it works here:

To get an idea what could be great DD material, you can check the Photomanip DDs of January and my DD suggestion guidelines. I updated my guidelines to make suggesting easier for you. :-)

Artist interviews:
Two outstanding members of our community have be

Finally the Exploration Contest winners have been announced:
Exploration Contest WinnersDrum roll please :la: :la: :la: :la:!!!!!
Winner of Traditional Art:

by MoonFey
More by MoonFey

Winner of Digital Art

by Energiaelca1
More by Energiaelca1

Winner of Stock

by RavienneArt
more by :devravieneart:

  Little white ship I by RavienneArt
Thank You to Prize Donors!
 communityrelations CelticStrm-Stock Cassy-Blue ErikShoemaker WakefieldDesigns Wesley-Souza :devst

:new:Group Spotlight :new:

Well I'm going to start this section off with StockandResources. StockandResources is the group that the Stock and Resources cv's use to host contests and send out information as well as curate a collection of past dd's and stock relate news, features, and contests. If you haven't joined yet, I highly suggest you do! 

THE3-ContestEvents is the hub for contests run by CD-STOCK, EveLivesey, and YBsilon-Stock. Keep an out eye for interesting contests here!

 Independent-Manips is hosted by Aeirmid and LiliaOsipova. This group aims to help manipulators learn about how to create and use their own stock through tutorials, challenges, games.  This is more focused toward manipulators, but I figured it was worth a share since many stock artists do both photography and manips :)


Stock the Mood FeatureOver at my very first stock group, The-Stock-Directory, we had a little bit of fun with a poll. The challenge was to select an animal stock image by a different stock provider that reflected our moods. I want to encourage you to have a little fun and do the same in the comments section! The-Stock-Directory was a group I took over in my baby years of being a stock provider, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Through it I learned to navigate the community, it was where I met some wonderful friends, and improved as a provider. The submissions strictly adhere to FAQ 809, so the images you link in the comments should, as well. 
Stock The Mood! 

Note: Remember, if you use the featured stock images, always follow the terms and conditions of the original provider. By dow
  The Unseen Stock - January (II):heart: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s (:

Lady Winter II by RavienneArt
Knight's tournament by AskebodaStock
Scythian Ranger (Step) 14 by Null-Entity Red Queen - female stock by Dea-Vesta Peacock by Fran-photo Witch VIII - Stock by gilraen-stock
Watching by RavienneArt little trees by jl-modelstock Yuni Sham by RoverOdds
Dark alice and Mad hatter by MajesticStock Lady 23 by Anna-LovelyMonster Sonya 003 by metzad99
  Stock and Resources DD Roundup: Jan 2016:iconcelticstrm-stock: Features by CelticStrm-Stock

Winter forest and a cabin by YvaineGlareStock Lake 75 - fantastic lake on the top by Momotte2stocks WNB 14 by CastleGraphics
yosemite 26 by erl-stock Red Deer 9 by landkeks-stock Chelloenix Stock - Sundial 3 by chelloenix-stock

:iconcassy-blue: Features by Cassy-Blue

Easy Cosplay - Game of Thrones Tutorial by kirilee Tips for various blur filters (Photoshop) by Autlaw Tutorial: How to clean traditional art photos! by LauraPex Jedi Dress by Eveningarwen Winter stock at night by darkoantolkovic
Lady of the Lake by SomniumDantis Andalusian Stallion Stock by xxMysteryStockxx Rabbit3 by mrscats
  Beautiful Stock Images - Feature Beautiful Resources and Stock Images

Dark Alice in wonderland 24 by MajesticStock
Zombie VII by RavienneArt
Bug with wings by YBsilon-StockCoffee Cups 0 by Black-B-o-xReed by YBsilon-Stock
Medieval castle by Jean52
Tangled Trees by EveLivesey
STOCK_Parachute1 by Bellastanyer-STOCK Untitled by elenartphotography IMG 3270-3a by elenartphotography
Nymph 11 - female stock by Dea-Vesta
  The Imaginarium - Thematic Art Feature #4Member Thematic Art Feature, Theme of the week:
D a r k   t h e m e
work of the members caught from poll:

Digital Art


Cracked in Time by LeenaHill
Moirae by liadan-bran The Evil Queen by Mocris The Circle by liadan-bran
Welcome to Hell - Please Stay to the Left by TheStockWarehouse Vampire Lust Mixed Media by WDWParksGal-Stock
Necromancer by Mahhona
Horror by Lolita-Artz Behind the window by mimi-san3

Stock Articles

PE: Share and LearnCommunity Week
Various artists are creating tutorials, sharing their resources, submiting speedpaints and starting Livestreams [1][2][3] to support others to improve their skill.
If you have any questions about your current software or "How to draw ...", those are the 4 points to check out.

Tutorials are easy to understand with the proper pictures and information given by the artist. The design of each tutorial is individual matched by the artist's way of learning and their thoughts
  Stock Photo TipsAfter browsing and practicing on many stock photos, I have decided to compile a couple of tips for taking stock photos. I don't see myself as a professional at all, but I have noticed a couple of issues with my amateur experience and want to highlight those.
I include examples of photos that are done right, because I don't want to show examples of where it was done wrong. I don't want to put people on the spot like that.
I'm focusing mostly on model stock photos, but many, if not all, of these tips are applicable to other types of stock photos too. 
1. Make sure the photo is in focus.
If it isn't in focus, it cannot be made in focus on Photoshop. If the photo fails in this aspect then the other aspects go down with it.
This photo by jl-modelstock is beautifully in focus, so the details are clear and nothing gets "lost."
2. Be aware of the sunlight.
Sunlight can easil


Fan Art Masterpiece ContestFan Art Masterpiece Contest
Hey, everyone!  It's time for a fun Fan Art contest Woohooooo! 
Have you ever wanted to see your favorite fan characters in a famous work of art?  OF COURSE YOU DO.  Well now is your chance! Go out and find a famous piece of art that inspires you and re-create it as a piece of fan art!

Bullet; Pink1st Place will receive a 1 year core membership and 2500 points
Bullet; Pink2nd Place will receive a 6 month core membership and 2000 points
Bullet; Pink3rd Place will receive a 3 month core membership and 1500 points
Bullet; GreenThis contest starts on February 10th and ends on March 18th 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
Bullet; GreenAll entries must comply with DeviantArt's Policies and Terms of
  Short Challenge #20Short Challenge special with the winners Challenge for stocks Providers
Stock Required
You decide which to use in your Photomanipulation.

3 winners
Exclusive Stock from:
:iconevelivesey: : :iconwesley-souza: :iconhermitcrabstock: :iconirinaponochevnaya: :iconamberseree: :iconravienneart:
Feature from:
:iconsetsiangelsailor::iconwesley-souza::iconhermitcrabstock: :iconmariasemelevich::iconlauraypablo::iconunknown-designer092: :iconthenaughtypirate:  :iconamberseree:
Llama from :iconthenaughtypirate:  :iconamberseree:
Feel free to donate prizes.

Others Information
- Begins  February 1th. and ends on  February 13th.
- All stock and resources must come from legitimate s

Show and Tell


wants to share three uses of her stock photo Light in the Mist by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK:
As the Light Fades by Emerald-Depths Nostalgia by Lior-Art Voyage to the stars by alexamorath


wants to share two of his new stocks. I like these butterflies since they are different:
Exotic Butterflies Stock Package by Wesley-Souza
And this mermaid tail, I'm pleased with the result:
Blue Mermaid Tail PNG Stock by Wesley-Souza


I'm making progress on hair, though it is not perfect. So, I'm offering my first full handmade hair stock:
Renaissance Hair by marphilhearts Renaissance by marphilhearts

Food for Thought

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Stock and Resources Galleries on dA. Your hub for Stock and Resources Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests, Challenges and news.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconstockandresources:

Stock CVs


psst my sister has started to post her art. It'd make her day if you faved or left a comment :) 

7 deviants said Portrait in Red by ZaraOlympia



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